I am a self taught intuitive abstract expressionist working full time as an artist. I have been working from my studio at home for over 5 years now, but have always had a passion to teach.

Over the years while demonstrating scrapbooking workshops and more recently, working with adults with disabilities, teaching them art, singing and dance. There has always been some kind of art’s and/or crafts for as long as I can remember.

I offer a variety of artist workshops plus a campsite on my property if you’re wanting a complete breakaway from the rush of society.

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Kerry Munns
Poppy Parade by Kerry Munns
Purple Rain by Kerry Munns

We are advised in creative writing ‘write what you know’. Kerry Munns Artlife reflects what she knows, her life and loves. The simplicity and elegance of countrylife is reflected in her paintings and her Craftworks.  Works that will bring pleasure and peace to every heart each time their eyes rest upon them.

— Alison V

Kerry Munns Artlife, thanks for the opportunity to experience one of your workshops.  I had such a fun time and your guidance was very welcoming.  Kerry is highly recommended to other budding artists, give it a go, you will be amazed and totally surprised what you can achieve.

— Leanne C

Our group had an amazing day with Kerry. Her class was equally as inspiring for both budding artists and those who just wanted to have a go. Her encouragement and guidance meant that all participants produced art pieces that they were proud of. Thanks Kerry for a fabulous day!

— Leanne M

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