Today I am working fulltime as an intuitive abstract expressionist. I have been working from my studio at home for a five years now, but have always had a passion to teach.


Kerry Munns is a self taught intuitive abstract expressionist with a passion to teach. Having worked with art’s and crafts her entire life — she was brought up in the wheat-belt of Western Australia and married the love of her life.

After having six sons, living daily life among football boots, toy trucks and dozens of dirty socks… Kerry always seemed to manage to remember the girly side of herself that loves creating and being artistic. 

I am a self taught abstract full time artist. I have been working from my studio at home for a couple of years now, but always have had a passion to teach.

Over the years while demonstrating scrapbooking workshops and more recently, working with adults with disabilities, teaching them art, singing and dance. There has always been some kind of art’s and/or crafts for as long as I can remember.

I was brought up in the farming wheatbelt of Western Australia into a musical family. I was the youngest of 5 siblings for 10 years, until my parents decided to have another child. We didn’t have a TV in our household until I was aged 11 years old, which was quite unusual for the mid 70s.

My days were filled with creating my own entertainment. Whether it was playing a tune on the piano, sewing a new dolls dress or making a cubby house in the bush near our house with whatever I could find. There was always something to feed my creative mind.

A month before my twentieth birthday I married the love of my life. I was a hairdresser working full time in a salon in Perth at the time. Around 18 months after getting married we had our first child, a beautiful bouncy son. It wasn’t long before we could see, he too had the creative genes in his blood. We followed on and had three more sons. 


Our home was now filled with boisterous boys who loved nothing better than a rough and tumble around our lounge room! Yes, my daily life was surrounded by muddy football boots, plenty of toy trucks and dozens of dirty socks.Moseying on through life, thinking that that was it for our family, I realized I was still missing that elusive little girl to do all those mother daughter things that mothers and daughters supposedly do! So I asked my husband if we could just try one last time…………

Well…….. I did fall pregnant again and I felt overly rounded by just 8 weeks. We then found out we were expecting twins! My poor husband. I’ll never forget the look on his face of…. BULLDUST! He didn’t believe me! Would I lie?

So once it all sunk in, the thoughts arose, perhaps they were two little girls! Oh boy, would they have to be tough little girls with four big brothers or maybe they were going to be the little princesses that Mum had always wanted.

After a long and enduring pregnancy, the wait was over. My husband and I knew what we were to be expecting, but we’d kept it from our boys and the rest of the small wheatbelt town who were all throwing bets around. Our babies were born healthy. Two identical twin boys. What a way to complete our wonderful family.

Today they are almost all grown men and have moved on with their own lives. The weekends come around and bring with them very precious visits from my two beautiful grand children. A granddaughter and a little grandson. My granddaughter is also showing she too has the creative genes, which I am sure this grandmother with help to spark along.

Kerry Munns & Family

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