My love affair with flower gardens started when I was a little girl. Visiting my grandmothers farm with her rambling country garden. Doing the grand garden tour upon arrival was a must do, every visit. Then off into her dining room filled with display cabinets of matching tea sets, again donned with elaborate flower imagery.

The doilies under every little trinket and photo frame displayed embroidered with flowers carpet laid upon the lounge room floor with the burgundy vintage rose print. My Grandmothers welcoming nature to every visitor into her home, always offering them cups of tea upon cups of more tea. Cakes and scones with cream lavished every moment, displayed delicately on a matching plate to the teacups.

The good bye run was the reverse garden tour, collecting cuttings from her favourites to be replanted into my mothers ever expanding garden. For me flowers became the essence of a welcoming home. From the driveway to the garden path, then the entrance hall to the dining tablecloth.

Flowers are beautiful.
Flowers are life.
Flowers welcome.
Flowers are love.

— Kerry Munns
Home with Hollyhocks / Kerry Munns
Home with Hollyhocks / Kerry Munns

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